Greetings Human!
We see you've stumbled across the Proof of Humanity's Coordination Handbook.
Well done! This guide will serve as your go-to resource for all things related to turning your idea into a product of PoH's ecosystem.
Let us introduce ourselves.
We are the UBI Alliance. We are a decentralized collective of humans ready to eradicate poverty through designing, building, and adopting humanitarian products and services that make use of Proof of Humanity and the $UBI token. We got together to facilitate self-coordination in product development as well as in community assistance.
If you are interested to join the collective send a mail ([email protected]) introducing yourself and saying why would you like to join us. Or just ask in Discord for an invitation.
Otherwise, you can still tap upon the wisdom of the community by making your proposal of product/project development in Discord. There, we will help you gather resources and talents to turn your idea into a reality. Understanding precisely how to do that is why this Intro was made.
Note: Thanks to the RaidGuild for their commitment to open source and growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. The UBI Rebel Alliance forked their handbook and templates as part of the ethos of building from what it is already done. Hail the Eth ecosystem and all the giants that provide their shoulders for us to keep improving.
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